Teppe is  a brand that operates  across the entire real estate sector. Covering all the value chain, the company activity is developed in areas such as real estate investment, real  estate development, construction, asset management, brokerage, and hospitality.

The past tells the story of who we are, how we evolved and got here. It is through him that we draw the present, that we dream of the future. And to draw the future is to push the limits and boundaries , to do better, to think beyond, to do something that has never been done. It’s building and creating new, smarter, more insightful ways, closer to what we want to be.

We want to walk that path, create that future.

About Us

TEPPE is a group of companies that operates in the investment sector, real estate development, engineering and construction, asset management and hospitality.

With a senior and multidisplinary team, and with a relevant experience in real estate development and construction projects, TEPPE integrates the valences needed for the materialization of projects with high quality standards, allowing customers from their various business areas to obtain all the solutions for their needs.


Value creation through the development of high-quality projects, enhancing full satisfaction of stakeholders.


To be recognized for value creation, for the quality and the differentiation in the markets where it operates.